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okay, so i've never seen this done before, but i thought it might be a good idea. yes it was late at night and i was tired, but why are you asking?

basically, this community is exactly what it sounds like: it's the place where i will be dumping all of my massive collection of bases for your iconmaking pleasure. most will be anime or manga (especially manga, at the moment), but there will be a few odd ones mixed in. movies perhaps, or lotr art by mucun. just take a look at my interests if you want to see all the fandoms i am currently interested in. i am constantly finding new ones, but i try to keep that list up-to-date. there's a good chance that sooner or later, i will have bases for each of these fandoms. if i don't, and you want some, just leave a comment in my most recent post and nag me, or head on over to _shinken and do it. or even email me, whatever. i'm always open for requests. in fact, i think they're good for me - they're helping me develop some self-discipline by forcing me to sit down and work on one particular thing instead of whatever looks shiniest most interesting at that moment.
ah, the rules. everyone's favorite part. well, not to worry, since this is just a base dump, there really aren't any.

you are free to take any and all bases you want, and there is no need to credit me if you don't feel like it. all i ask is that you leave a comment whenever you take them, so that i know that this whole thing isn't a complete waste of my time and energy! :P also, comments make me happy. ^^

other than that, as i said, you are more than welcome to request some bases. screencaps, too, if it's something i've got access to. in that case, though, you'll have more luck with movies than with anime, as i'm still in the process of collecting my favorites on DVD. still, you can try, and i can try to help you. it's worth asking if you really need it.

the only thing i won't help you with is bases/screencaps of any manga or anime containing slash/shounen-ai/yaoi/bl. not the stuff that's just considered "slashable" (like meine liebe or tactics) but the blatant stuff (like ai no kusabi or loveless). no exceptions here.
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